Manufacturing and Marketing

Ambient Healthcare has a significant presence to cover all segment like Cardio, Diabetic, Gastro, Gynae, Ortho and complete general range. Product range covers specialities of doctors right from G.P to Super Specialities in India.

Manufacturing and Marketing of
Tablets : Beta Lactum, Non Beta Lectum, sustained Released, Uncoated, Film coated & Enteric Coated.

Capsules : Beta Lactum, Non Beta Lectum, Control Released pellets capsules, iron & multi vitamin pellet capsules.

Dry Powder : Dry Syrups, ORS Powder, Protein Powders, Dusting Powder.

Liquid Orals : Tonics Syrups, Suspension, Elixirs, Cough Syrups.

Ointments : Ointments Creams & Gel.

External Preparations : Lotion, Emulsions, Shampoo, Face Wash.

Liquid Injections : Vials, Ampoules, Harmonal injectables.

Dry Powder Injections : Beta Lectum, Non-Beta Lectum Dry Injections.

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